Sunday, September 26, 2010

Road Trip - East Bound

Cross Country Haiku


Road Trip


Poker, blackjack, slots,

Kids living on neon streets,

Too many hard luck tales.

I’m hot and dusty

Thirsty, too. My home is far.

Time to hit the road.


Seagulls of Salt Lake

Are polygamists and must

Moisturize their feet.

Sunrise in my eyes

I’m headed east, aiming home.

Sunset behind me.


That road kill is huge!

What the hell was that before?

Deer? Moose? Harley?

Landscape fills my eyes,

Makes the miles pass quickly by.

The leaves are changing!


Windmills make lazy

Circles in the sky. Lovely!

Please, build one next door!

Miles and miles of corn

Grown to marbleize beefsteak.

Pollan says, “Eat plants.”


Nina Simone sings

Out over the dry corn fields.

They never heard better.

Flat is not boring.

All around variety.

Sunflowers everywhere.

I had to get in

The word “prairie”. Now that’s done,

Good bye Iowa.


East of the mighty

Mississippi the states are

Smaller. Why is that?

It’s a long, long way

From Reno to the east coast.

Half way in three days.


Adult Super Store,

Huge sign erect in the sky.

Excited farm boys.

U.S. tis a mall

Same shit, under god, for all.

Small towns took the fall.


Ohio, you seem

Surprised. Your two Os look

Like big popping eyes.

I’m so skinny here.

The rust belt comes in one size,

Triple XXX

I’m so skinny here.

Fried chicken is the state bird.

Fat is fabulous

I’m so skinny here.

Sandusky could be my town.

I got to loose weight.


Freight trains pass by me

Headed west. I am going east.

I can’t count that fast.

Coming back seems fast.

Faster than going. Tail winds?


New York

New York, the cool state.

Just a corner of it is

Cooler than Texas.


Connecticut is

So, so sophisticated.

Would never date Georgia.

Crossed the U.S.

Fueled by Frappachinos.

Starbucks is my friend.

Rhode Island

Little Ol’ Rhody

In and back out in an hour.

That’s my kind of state.

Little Rhody! I

Land after adventuring.

Its good to be home.


The Social Lives of Cities

Charlotte and Macomb
Charlotte was sorry
About her night with Macomb.
She had too much wine.

But he fell for her.
She didn't return his calls
or answer emails

Spurned, he raged,
"Some day, some way, she will pay,"
Proving she was right.

Philadelphia and Cheyenne

Philly and Cheyenne
On a date. She swallowed hard.
His boots had gold spurs.

Cheyenne and Philly
On a date. He blushed red.
Her heels were six inches.

Philly and Cheyenne
On a date. Later, in bed,
They kept their shoes on.

Gary and Newark

Gary could be pals
With Newark. They both have abs
and bad attitudes.

Newark could be pals
With Gary. June at The Shore.
July at The Dunes.

Gary and Newark
Could be pals, but they would fight:
Knockwurst or calzone.

Akron and Bayonne

Akron and Bayonne

Had a bromance. Back slap hugs.

No way no kisses.

Bayonne and Akron

Had a bromance. Screw some girls

Brag who did it best.

Macho guys in a big

bromance. “Hey, look, once don’t count.”

“Especially drunk.”

Biloxi and Austin

Two towns up a tree


One thing then another.

A well-known story,

A different order for the

Carriage and marriage.

Biloxi loved

Austin. Austin loved Biloxi.

But still, would it last?

Minneapolis and St. Paul
Long wed to St. Paul,
yawns, sighs
Flirts with the waitress.

St. Paul, long wed to
Minneapolis, sighs, yawns
Knits for the grandkids.

The venerable pair,
With hearts full of love, know they
Will go on spooning.

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