Monday, August 9, 2010

Ode to an Aged Artist - Part IV

Ten Questions About This Painting
  1. Does San Simón look like a person or a doll? I mean, does he look too alive, or too inanimate?
  2. What should it say on the banner?
  3. In the center, where there is a circle sketched in, should I paint a tomato, a heart, a crown, a rose?
  4. Same area, should I do just the object or the object as represented on a loteria card?
  5. How come there is no skull in this painting?
  6. In the areas where I sprayed Krylon over acrylic and then painted over the Krylon again with acrylic is it going to peel?
  7. I'm thinking about an unauthorized display of this painting. Just wire it up somewhere, maybe a chain link fence around a playground, and see what happens. Where?
  8. How am I going to bring this series of blog entries to a close if I never finish this painting?
  9. If some one saw this painting and had no idea who had painted it, how old would they guess the artist was?
  10. For me, there are a lot of stories that go with this painting. Does it make other people want to tell stories, too?

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